The Truth about the Dollar

Do you remember the blue seal dollar?The one that said that there was on deposit in the US Treasury one dollar in silver redeemable to the bearer on demand?

That meant that you could walk into the Treasury and exchange that paper note for one silver dollar.So basically that note was a convenience for you.Instead of fifty dollars in silver in your pocket,which is heavy,you had a note in your wallet exchangeable for fifty silver dollars.

Now,we have Federal Reserve notes.Backed by what exactly?The full faith and credit of the US gov’t.Meaning the expectation that the gov’t will tax you for more Federal Reserve notes to pay for the Federal Notes they owe.

FULL FAITH AND CREDIT.Let that sink in for a minute.Full Faith.Credit.How much of either would you extend to our current administration?Or the last administration?Or the one before that?How about the next one?

Faith in what exactly?The rule of law?Forget it.That poor notion is dead and buried.Faith that they’ll honor their oath?Don’t make me laugh.Faith that they’ll do the right thing?Nah,that’s for suckers and dopes like me.

Credit.Yeah,that’s all they’ve got right now.That’s the only thing keeping the charade going right now,and they’re burning through that faster than you can believe.According to the Treasury,our nation ran $137.3 BILLION deficit for November.Just November.All of it on the credit card.YOUR CREDIT CARD.You have to pay the bill,not those liars in DC.How much longer do you think that is going to fly?That would take you roughly 2,746,000 years to earn at $50000 a year.FOR JUST LAST MONTH.30 days.30 nights.

Do you see the insanity here?Sooner,rather than later,this is going to come crashing down around us.You had best be making other plans,because no one is going to come to the rescue.
We are going to be forced to make a decision.Stand on your own two feet,or crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you.

It is all by design.


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