Support and Defend

If polls continue to indicate he might lose it, what gives anyone confidence Chairman Obama will even permit another election? He continuously demonstrates his contempt for our Constitution, and is already issuing dictatorial edicts to overrule the will of Congress. It would be child’s play for his Alinsky-schooled revolutionary cohorts and Marxist led union thugs, to instigate some sort of false-flag civil upheaval, to justify martial law and the postponement of the election. If you think this impossible in America, you haven’t been paying close enough attention lately. Who would stop them? How? Remember the public’s reaction to the OKC bombing (a classic false-flag operation that shut down a burgeoning Patriot/Militia movement overnight)? With their control of the media, propaganda could have the sheeple demanding that all those dastardly TEA Party “subversives” be rounded up. The feckless Republican establishment would run for cover and disavow us in a heartbeat.

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2 responses to “Support and Defend

  1. A bit late to worry about any branch of our .gov overthrowing the Constitution. Congress has already done so with NDAA, and with a supermajority. We let it happen without consequence; there is no doubt in my mind that suspended elections would result in the same lackluster response.

    We let it happen. It’ll happen again.



  2. Oh, and, no worries. I still in all confidence say that Obama’s gonna win in 2012. 😉