Meredith Graves


If the people of New York City really wanted to be safe,they’d lock up Bloomberg and his District Attorneys.

We need to put a white hot spotlight on this story,and close ranks around this woman.

This cannot stand.

This is tyranny.

Team Freedom,show me something.

Update 1-2-12:

Greetings to all the readers from

Consider the fact that Meredith harmed no one,was actively seeking to obey the law,and is now facing a felony firearms charge along with three and a half years in prison.

What did she do to deserve that,and how is this fiasco going to effect her chances for employment in the future?

All because she wanted to keep herself and family safe and abide by the law?

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Update 3-20-12

She plead guilty to a misdemeanor and got a $200 fine.

All because she wanted to exercise her Constitutionally guaranteed right to self defense.


Bloomberg should be ashamed of himself,but,like most tyrants,he has no shame.

I just know NYC is so much safer now.



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