Rambling thoughts

Bear with me on this one…

There is a segment of the electorate that says we all must unite behind whoever is the most electable pulse running against Obama.

Isn’t that part of what got us into this mess?

Voting for the most electable candidate running against (insert name here) has gotten us exactly where we are today.

The Republican party has given us Bush,Bush,Dole,Bush,Bush,McCain as their pick for the last two decades.

The Democrats have offered Dukakis,Clinton,Clinton,Gore,Kerry,and Obama in the same period.

You expect me to believe THOSE traitors are the best we’ve got?Horsehockey.

These people we have chosen to guard our liberty and freedom have failed in their duty.

We have failed ourselves by not being jealous enough of our own freedom.

How much freedom have we lost in the past two decades?How many times have we seen both parties working together to strip us of our freedom?

The list is too long to note here,but if you’ve had a heartbeat and been even slightly awake,you know what I’m saying.

A loss of freedom is no less a loss when done by a (R) than when done by a (D).

How many senators or representatives voted for the NDAA which allows the dictat…er…president to detain american citizens indefinitely without charge or legal recourse?

How many votes were cast in favor of a funding increase for the state sponsored sexual assaulters,or the roving bands of illegal search and seizure specialists by those that claim to support smaller government?

How many courts have ruled in favor of the power of the state over individual rights?Kelo v. New London anyone?

Now there is a piece of legislation,HR 3166,where you could be stripped of your citizenship,and thus any chance of legal recourse.All without a jury trial,I’m sure.They seem to be fond of that lately.

We are being played like a violin by these statist enemies of freedom.You know what,we deserve it because we bought into the R is good,D is bad thought process,or vice versa.They keep us so busy tilting at windmills,and fighting amongst ourselves we can’t figure out how we keep getting screwed.

And we keep getting screwed,that much is certain.

Meanwhile they all get their nests feathered by the sweat of MY brow,and by selling YOUR GRANDCHILDREN into debt slavery,all the while doing things on a daily basis that would land any of us in the slammer for a long time.

You need to know,they’re in it together.It’s not D versus R to them,it’s the anointed class against the peons.Guess which category you fall into?

These people we have trusted to run the nation have shown themselves to be petty tyrants and are as we speak creating the worlds largest prison camp complete with airborne surveillance,no knock warrants,armed checkpoints and extrajudicial executions.

The inmates are running the asylum.No offense to honest inmates intended.

Looking to these people for the solutions to the problems they themselves have created is not just foolish,it’s suicidal.

The answer lies within ourselves,same as it always has.Self sufficiency is the bane of their existence.They thrive on dependency upon their favors.They need the money they steal from the productive at gunpoint to give to the looters of our society to ensure they get reelected.Rinse and repeat for multiple generations and you find yourselves here,today.

Add into the mix some legalized illegality and the everyday citizen starts to realize there isn’t much of a difference between the government and the criminals(except for the uniform).

This is recipe for disaster,and it leaves we the people with quite a dilemma.

The answer lies within.

We all must resolve,AGAIN,to declare our independence.Independence from the apparatus of dependency.Independence from the state.Self-reliance versus dependence.Stand or crawl.Man or mouse.

We must harden our hearts,minds,and bodies for the hard lessons surely coming our way.Relearn the values that our forefathers fought,died and killed for.

Self-reliance,honor,and productivity.
Truth,initiative,reason,and industry.
Frugality,faith,respect,love and charity.

All of these done by free men and women bear the fruit of freedom and liberty.

Compare those values to today.How many of those are held up as lofty goals to aspire to today?How many do you think a college graduate could define?It’s no wonder we are in such sorry shape.

Instead we have generations taught that they have a right to the fruit of your labor.Taught that the government knows best.Taught that they have little to no say about how they can live their lives.Taught that someone else will make the hard choices for them.And they vote accordingly.More free stuff.GimmeGimmeGimme.Paid for by “The Rich”.

That’s you and me.If you make $35,000 a year,on a global scale,you are the top 1%.They are coming for your way of life.All in the name of fairness.

History teaches us that those who wish to remain free must realize the truth that people can only be persuaded by reason or force.When free men and women refuse to surrender their liberties to tyrants,the tyrant ALWAYS resorts to force.

It will be no different this time.We the people instinctively know that there is something very wrong with our system today.

Why do you think guns and ammo are selling at record levels?

There isn’t a politician on the planet that can stop the economic shitstorm from coming ashore now.That window of opportunity closed about ten years ago.We’re running on borrowed time and money right now.The best we can do now is make the best of a bad situation.

The hourglass is running out folks,and we better be making other plans to provide new guards for our future security.

This next election isn’t going to change anything.Anyone that actually has the gonads to try and change anything will be assassinated by the media before they get the chance.

The best we can hope for is to slow the train down,because there isn’t a politician out there that wants to stop their gravy train.

Chances are we’ll launch another war in the middle east before the election,probably by early spring,and that will be that.

Focus on your preps,your tribe,and honing your skills.Looks like we’re gonna need them soon.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter….



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  1. Ron Paul is the only one who can help stop the rush to mad oblivion, period.