Courage of conviction

I recently left a comment over at AP’s place that I believe warrants further explanation.

If your house is on fire,I believe that logic dictates you:

A:put the fire out
B:get help to put the fire out
C:let everyone know the house is on fire
D:quit pouring gas on the fire
E:a combination of any of the above

Our nation(our house)is on fire.We are doing our damnedest to let everyone know the house is burning.

We can’t put the fire out ourselves,but the firemen seem like they would rather watch the house burn than attempt to save it.

All we can do is quit pouring gas on the flames,but our is dropping tanker loads of gas on the fire.

This government is out of control,we all know that.They take pride in their lawless behavior in full view of the world.

They cannot pick and choose which laws to obey and then claim any authority to enforce said law.

If there is no law,then there is no law.
Full stop.End of discussion.

Remember “Equal protection of the Law”?
It’s in that pesky Constitution thingy.14th Verse or something like that.Anyway,I digress…

If you believe this government to be acting as a criminal enterprise,you are not supposed to support it.

That’s called being an accomplice.

So let us define a term for sake of discussion.

– noun
1. the use of violence and threats to obtain political demands

You can make a rational argument that this defines the claimed authority of our today.You criticize us,you get disappeared by our armed snatch squads.You do much of anything we don’t like,you get disappeared.No trial,no jury,no lawyer,just disappeared.


Clearly a violent act or the threat thereof.

This government says that by funding a terrorist organization you are legally culpable for that support.So it stands to reason that your support(taxes)of a terrorist organization ( a punishable offense.

You don’t even need to think it through that far to reach a similar conclusion.

If a man sticks a gun in your face and demands your wallet you have a limited number of options:resist or submit.If that same man sticks a gun in your face and demands your children wallet,you have the same options,albeit with less honor.

But if that man sticks a gun in your face and claims complete ownership of your life,your childrens lives,your property,your labor,your dignity and your self-respect,there is only one honorable response.

By any and all means necessary.

You don’t have to kill to resist(Yet).
You don’t have to go commando to resist(Yet).
There are still peaceable options on the table.
But for your childrens sake,do SOMETHING.

Embrace the suck.Thrive off of it.There are worse things that can happen than going to jail for your beliefs.

Like doing nothing.To see the truth of the matter and stand by meekly doing nothing is worse.


Or crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you and STFU.


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