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Most important of all however? Spread the gospel of liberty, the Constitution, the Republic, and resistance to totalitarianism! Don’t allow yourself to be muzzled by concerns of political correctness, or the fear that you might end up dead or renditioned.  Speak now and speak loudly! Speak boldly! Pass on your knowledge of all pertinent, important subjects, to a young American. Pass it on to ten young Americans…or one hundred…or one thousand. Help them see the light of logic, reason, and liberty! Build the human infrastructure of a future resistance now, and perhaps…just maybe…we will be able to avoid the necessity for a call to arms in the future. Do not allow yourself to be disheartened, demoralized, and defeated by your preconceived notions of inability and your supposed infirmities, before the fight has even begun in earnest!


Borrowed from Nous Defion.


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