Progressivism is at its core ideologically bankrupt.It is also the root cause of the sickness of this nation.By abandoning the principle of individual liberty in favor of a quest for a collectivist utopia,Progressivism has corrupted nearly everything this nation was founded upon.

Progressivism is a bipartisan disease,no party can claim sole ownership.Does it seem like this administration’s policies are the same as the last?Or the next?
It is because they are the same.
Intent on tearing down America as a bastion of freedom and liberty,full of intelligent,moral,independent citizens.
To be remade as a weak-kneed,impotent,dependent society of serfs with The State as god.
Dictating every aspect of your life.What you may or must consume or purchase,what means of transportation you may employ,what seasonings you may use on what foods you are allowed to eat.What manner of lighting you may use in your home.Restricting your access to energy.Controlling what information is made available to you.All means of electronic communications listened to or read by prying eyes.Peace officers morphed into a standing army of Law Enforcement,enforcing the diktat of The State.Subjugation of individual liberty in the false promise of safety.Warrantless searches and seizures.Indefinite detention without legal recourse.Suppression of free speech.Denial of the right of self defense.Perpetual wars.Claimed authority over your very life.

All paid for by those not yet born.

Having long ago abandoned the use of reason or logic,the net result is failure on every front.
Families in disarray,education in shambles,a populace terrified at every turn.Government out of control,finances on the brink of collapse.Truth nowhere to be found,for it is not in them.Their predictable answer is that is always the fault of someone else,because to accept any responsibility for their failure would be an acknowledgement of their ideological bankruptcy.

So they clamor for more,bigger,faster,in the blind arrogance that THIS time it will work if they just had the right people at the levers of power.Never acknowledging that the seed was foul,not the caretaker of the orchard.

And so the common people suffer from their social engineering,while the powerful live the high life,insulated from the consequences,intended and otherwise,of their actions.

All the while degrading the very nation that afforded them a standard of living that is unknown in recorded history,sucking the lifeblood out of the host like a parasite.

This will continue until it collapses under their dead weight,until the walls fall down.And then when the mask slips off,they will show their true colors.Powerhungry,ruthless,petty tyrants.Devoid of humility,charity or compassion. Anxious to rule,by lies,bribes,emotional blackmail,or naked force,if necessary.


Democracy for them is but a stepping stone on the path to absolute power.Vote early,vote often.

Which,if you’ve been paying attention,you already know.


There are those in this land that will not be ruled.Not now,not ever.Those that will not be cowed into submission.

Those that will live their lives as they see fit,without infringing the liberty of their fellow man.

Those that will not sell their birthright for a loaf of bread or a few pieces of silver.Those that will not trade their childrens birthright for false security.Their birthright is Freedom.

Bought and paid for in precious blood.

Those that honor the sacrifice of our mothers and fathers.

We recognize the tell tale words and deeds of those that view individuals as expendable,to be herded like cattle to the slaughterhouse when the time is right.

We have learned the lessons of history,and see the truth for what it is.

We see you.We see you well.

And that is what haunts them at night,deep asleep high in their ivory towers.Haunts them in their limousines,on their way to and from selling their souls.

Knowing that we exist and will not submit to their tyrannical appetite.

Knowing that we posses the means of resistance and the skill at arms to thwart their carefully laid plans.Against all odds.

Knowing that the spirit of The American Revolution still lives in the hearts and minds of a dedicated minority.You may vilify us,slander us,profane our good names,brand us as terrorists,but you will not strip us of our honor.We still know the meaning of that word,and you are not worthy of that precious prize.

We will not go quietly into that good night.History is full of brave men and women that stood in the face of overwhelming odds in defense of an ideal.Stood for something larger than themselves.Stood for the man at their shoulder.Stood for their beliefs.Stood against the enemies of liberty.

Ignore that fact if you will.

We are watching,and we see you.We see you very well.

We are the Three Percent.We are everywhere.Don’t tread on me.

Si vis pacem,para bellum.




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