How does government commit genocide?

With lies.Lies about how they are going to protect you.
Safe from the threat of some vague concept that can never really be defeated.
That way there is a never-ending war on (poverty,drugs,terrorism,etc.),so the money keeps coming and they keep grabbing more power and when they fail to protect you from the villian of the day,they say it’s because they didn’t have enough money or power to keep you safe so they grab more money and power…Circular argument.

That is not to say that the war on(poverty,drugs,terrorism,etc.)is an attempt at genocide,but they are a justification for an ever expanding government budget and bureaucratic control over your life.Without which government cannot effectively murder masses of people.

No weak government has ever perpetrated genocide.Only large,all powerful ones have.After they have weakened the population.But I digress…

Anyway,The Silicon Graybeard has the details.Slide on over and have a look.


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