Romney will not get my vote

There are those who say that it’s unfair to penalize Bain, and Romney, because they exploited a perfectly-legal means of arbitrage, or that Romney left Bain before some of these events occurred.  But that something is lawful does not make it right, and the leadership of an entity defines what it is and does.

The willful and intentional destruction of American industry and jobs may be legal but it is a fair question as to whether you want a man who was actively engaged in this, and became wealthy doing so, to be President. especially when any denouncement you make of an entity’s actions wait until after you declare your candidacy and make off with the money gained from those practices.

Quote taken from KD’s Market Ticker.You should be making his place a daily read,in my opinion.I don’t always agree with him,but he is intellectually honest and I respect that.

Considering Romney’s socialistic agenda as Governor of Massachusetts,that alone should be enough to dissuade liberty minded individuals from considering this empty suit for the office of president.

Now that this information is in full view,it seems to me that this is very similar to Mafia tactics I saw in a movie.

Let’s say you were in debt to a Mafia Don,but can’t pay.You own a business,so the Don has you buy merchandise on your business line of credit that he then turns arounds and sells.You keep doing this until you are bankrupt and he makes off with the loot,free as a bird.You,not so much.You bear the cost.Your creditors also share in the losses.

Not a perfect analogy,but it seems very similar to my mind.

Romney claims that is capitalism.Sorry,it may be legal,but it isn’t right.

Smells an awful lot like legalized theft and fraud to me.Not a quality I look for in a leader.Do you want someone like that as captain of the ship?Seems to me we already have one of those.

One more reason why Romney won’t get my vote.



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4 responses to “Romney will not get my vote

  1. Ron Paul in 2008 & 2012. If he can get the nomination, he would have a good chance of winning the whole kit and caboodle with the right VP pick as he’s only six back of Hussein now 43 – 37.

  2. Not only will Romney NOT get my vote, if they persist in trying to shove him down our throats I will vote OBAMA!


    We’ll be better off with 4 years of Obama “war to the knife, knife to the hilt” than with 4 years of mitt-for-brains slow strangulation via his vampire-squid wall-street bankster cronies.

    RP *MIGHT* have a shot at turning things around before it is too late – ANYONE else will make it only a question of “WHEN”

    If the only question is “when” then I say “LET’S GET IT OVER WITH!”

    Ergo, it’s either “Ron Paul 2012” or “The Antichrist 2012.”

    As to the linked vid, I have been part of a “takeover”, and sometimes it is necessary to cut jobs and consolidate facilities to save a failing business.

    What Bain-vis-Romney did is what’s known as “asset stripping” and/or “pump and dump”… It seems to be a classic combo of BOTH, actually… Buy up a business, cut staff to a minimum and sell off any possible assets so as to run the company’s profits up in a BIG hurry. This causes a GREAT spike in the stock-price, so they hurry up and dump the stock at peak price before the market figures out that the company is nothing more than a zombie.

    They’ve now scraped their hundred(s-of)-mil(s) off the top and there’s nothing left of the company – but the only ones who know that are the fat-cats at the top… It’s just a matter of time before it all comes down and EVERYONE is screwed — everyone that is except mitt-for-brains and his vampire-squid bankster cronies…

    Nope. F**k mittens – I’d rather have a known marxist than HIS sort of insidious evil!