Hate Speech

Is a non-existent fallacy.That is not to say that hateful speech doesn’t exist,but that is not what I am addressing here.

I am referring to hate speech as defined by those that seek to deny free speech.

By subdividing types of speech into those that are acceptable and those that are not,you have effectively opened the door to endless restrictions by the state upon free speech.

If someone says “X” is hate speech,it is merely an attempt to prepare the battlespace of ideas by denying you of a powerful weapon,usually the truth.

Presently,this exact situation is unfolding over in Europe regarding people speaking up against the islamic jihad,that is,the islamic conquest of the world.

Geert Wilders has faced criminal charges for “Hate Speech”,and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is currently imprisoned for the charge of “denigrating the religious teachings of a legally recognized religion”,when in actuality they were doing nothing more than speaking the truth and defending their own culture.

That is “Tolerance” on display in all it’s majesty.

This distinction between acceptable and unacceptable speech is a tool for the social engineers to use to advance one class of people while oppressing another as you can plainly see.

By threatening people with the risk of criminal prosecution for speaking their mind because it might “offend” some privileged group,the net result is that of a protected class having free reign to say or do ANYTHING with impunity.Because any criticism of those actions can be deemed to be “offensive” you have been disarmed in the battle for public opinion before it ever begun.

If you think this can’t happen here,you’re wrong.We already see similar attempts to silence dissent by the oft repeated shrieks of “RACIST!” or claims of “incivility”,”xenophobe”,or the like.

All of these are attempts to squelch dissenting opinions,not on the merits of their respective arguments,but precisely because they have no logical refutation of the dissenting opinion.When you hear these accusations,you can be assured you are winning the logical argument.

Logic is not the strong suit of the enemies of liberty.They prefer lies,emotional blackmail and bribery.

Hate speech is a liars refuge.

Don’t buy into the sham.Know your facts.Stand your ground.

Nothing less than your freedom is at stake.

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