Constitutional Sheriffs Convention

On January 29, 30 and the 31st of 2012, there will be a Constitutional Sheriffs Convention of over 100 sheriffs from across America, learning what they can do to stop the unconstitutional and criminal behavior of Federal employees in their State. They will be hearing stories from various Sheriffs who have actually confronted the Federal employees and won. Information regarding this convention can be found at:
With the assistance of Constitutional scholar, Mr. Gerald Donaldson of Sheriff Richard Mack at organized this historic event.

This is something that bears considering.
The County Sheriff is a bulwark against unconstitutional actions by the
Contact your Sheriff.See where he stands.
Pass the word.


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7 responses to “Constitutional Sheriffs Convention

  1. Curtis

    I have sent it to our county sheriff… just is case they may be interested.

  2. Fat chance here in Tucson. Pima County sheriff Clarence Dupnick rules the roost. You remember him right? Jose Guerena anyone? His SWAT team. Yeah, he’s the one who went ballistic after the shooting of Gabriel Giffords blaming right wing vitriol for inspiring the shooter.

    I’m on my own here.