The revamped school lunches at Los Angeles Unified School District have won awards, commending them for improving the menu at the second largest school district in the nation. Too bad the students don’t agree.

Rejecting healthful alternatives like vegetarian curries and tamales, quinoa salads and pad Thai noodles, students are throwing them in the trash by the thousands, bringing junk food from home and buying instant noodles and other decidedly unhealthy fare from the “black markets” that have begun to thrive at campuses across the district, according to the Los Angeles Times.

No kidding.Who could have seen that coming?

Another failure in social engineering.

You cannot control independent action by ink on paper.It takes billy clubs,pepper spray,and guns with thugs to wield them…

HEY,that gives me an idea….

Cafeteria SWAT teams!!!That’s what we need!!!

We’ll make those little brats eat their brussel sprouts…and quinoa salads.OR ELSE.QUIT RESISTING!QUIT RESISTING!BASHBANGCRASHBOOMKICKSCUFFLESCUFFLE…

Now if we can just get DOE funds for that,we’ll be golden.

We don’t want to,but it’s for the safety of the children,so….It’s for their own good.

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  1. Hognutz

    The ungrateful brats!
    Don’t they know there are starving children in D.C.