Oops,my bad…


“They shot him two times in the back, once in the chest, once in the shoulder, once in the wrist — five times for a person who had no weapon,” Nida’s mother, Jean Thaxton, told KTLA.

Thaxton said she wants to know why officers did not use a Taser first.

Sheriff’s homicide detectives are investigating the shooting. Sheriff’s officials said they could not confirm reports that Nida was not the robbery suspect.

The officer who shot Nida has been placed on administrative leave.

Downey Police Chief Rick Esteves released a statement saying, “Our police department understands the loss of human life is extremely tragic under any circumstance. We sincerely offer our condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Nida.”

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2 responses to “Oops,my bad…

  1. “I had to get it on, man! He was makin’ a move! I had to get it on!”

    That seems to be the excuse every time a Law Imposement officer murders a citizen.

    But remember, it was the right thing to do, BECAUSE it was the cops what dunnit! When you have a Super Hero Costume and a Magic Shield, you can’t be wrong!

    • What happens when a common person shoots an unarmed person?Murder or at the very least manslaughter charges.Tell me again about equal protection of the law…