Murdered for riding a bicycle(Updated again)


On a sidewalk?

Sheriff’s officials have not said if the man was armed or if a gun was recovered at the scene.

If this poor guy had a weapon,you know damn well they would have said so right away.

I’ll be correcting my assessment if I’m wrong,but I bet I won’t need to.

I feel much safer now,don’t you?
My heroes….

Update.From the comments:

Lancaster Citizen at 1:21 PM January 22, 2012

I see the comments…but on this one I was there. This dude just finished coming into my buddy’s store, bought a few items, talked with us, he was very peaceful. Now you could tell he had a drug problem, but this guy was wearing a t-shirt, and sweat pants….those flimsy kind with the drawstring in the front, there is no way those would manage to hold a gun much less anything else….He was on a kids BMX bike. So as far as the thug comment…this dude was not one. and the shots rang out, police were there in less then 30 seconds after that…and i mean alot of them. They could have handled this so many different ways, but like always….they decided to shoot…and they shot ALOT of times…dude couldn’t have been bigger than 5’9, and maybe 150 pounds….and the so called “suspect”….he was a witness…and we seen with our own eyes…they threatned to kill him too…I would have ran too. But these cops will walk…go home to there families…and this dude went home in a bag. SMH.

I’d be perfectly happy if they were held to the same standard as I am.
That’s not too much to ask,is it?
If I shot an unarmed man on the street,don’t you think I’d be facing murder charges?You know I would.
Why is it different for them?

Seems the guy was indeed unarmed,and had a felony narcotics warrant.
Chalk up another statistic for the War on (some)Drugs.
I still feel much safer,don’t you?

Extra credit for reading the comments.There appears to be a couple “Only Ones” letting their true feelings about the people they are supposed to be protecting show.My heroes…

Updated yet again:

No matter how unsavory a character this guy was,the fact still remains he was unarmed,and he is still dead.Shot dead in the street.

Unarmed.Shot dead.Unarmed.
That could have been you or me.

Let that sink in.



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4 responses to “Murdered for riding a bicycle(Updated again)

  1. Scum LEO. That’s all they are. The report will be written in their own way. They will find no wrong doing. “He was in fear of his life”, yep that’s the phrase.

    Posted at my site.

  2. John Shield

    It looks like the mental conditioning using teevee to convince sheeple that everything LEO does is for some greater good (Dragnuts, Kojerk, et. al.) over the years is coming home to roost. You can tell by some of the doublethink comments. e.g. “If you did nothing illegal you have nothing to worry about”, “We can always trust them to tell the truth”. Yet when they get caught screwing up, it’s: ” They are only human”, “Anyone can a mistake”.

    • Absolutely correct.That is why it is so important that we don’t shrug these things off.We either change perceptions or we change behaviors,because the status quo is unacceptable.