Jesus,Anarchy and The Golden Rule

When Romney or Santorum or Newt or any other of these fascists takes over the White House and government spending skyrockets and nothing that Christ valued is even remotely closer to a reality, I will have no pity for those who cheered on the bloodshed. You reap what you sow.

I only hope that this will make Christians realize that ethics and morality are completely and utterly destroyed by the State, politics, elections, and the right of some individuals to defy natural law and claim for themselves the right to initiate aggression against the innocent with no punishment, accountability, or apology. And although nearly all political movements try to claim Jesus as a champion of their philosophy, like nearly all great historic and prophetic figures in history, Jesus was essentially an anarchist.

Throughout his life and teaching, Jesus attempted to separate the peaceful order of civil society away from the coercive state–in his case, the Roman Empire. At the time of Jesus’s birth, Rome was a large, centralized, and stratified empire, saddled with the bureaucracy of a standing army and a welfare state, and the de facto “world’s policeman” through Pax Romana (sound familiar?).

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3 responses to “Jesus,Anarchy and The Golden Rule

  1. I like it.

    One way or the other.

    Serving two masters and all. What would Jesus do?

    He’d grab a bullwhip and clean house, that’s what he’d do.


  2. Thank you so much for posting my article! I enjoy your blog as well.