First principles are funny things.  When you actually have them and believe in them you find all sorts of problems we have today in our government and its budget aren’t really problems.  They all stem from one place — the desire to control others.  To direct their lives, to tell them how to live, and to violate their fundamental liberty interests — fundamental rights that most people believe were endowed by the very creator they claim to worship!

Think about that for a minute.

On the one hand most people in this country claim to believe in a God that endowed us all with certain unalienable rights — life, liberty, and the pursuit (ed. but not the guarantee!) of happiness.

But then, under the label of “Democrat” or “Republican” we vote for, support, and enable the enactment of laws that blaspheme what we claim to believe, in that we then intentionally violate those very same liberty interests we claim come from that God.




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