The Bottom Line

We The People want to be left alone,to live our lives in peace as we see fit,free from coercion by anyone,without infringing upon the rights of our fellow man.

We’re tired of the neverending barrage of lies and distortions by our elected officials.

We’re tired of you constantly looking over our shoulder,watching what we’re doing,telling us we have no right to privacy,all in the name of safety.Yet,you claim you need more privacy to keep us safe.

We’re tired of you sexually assaulting our wives,mothers and children in the name of public safety.

We’re tired of the continual theft of our liberty.

We’re tired of not being able to trust you.
We want to trust you,but what we see makes us think that isn’t such a good idea.You don’t seem willing to trust us in the least.

We’re tired of double standards,or what you call “Professional Courtesy”.What ever happened to Common Courtesy?Sure seems to be in short supply these days.

We’re tired of law enforcement acting as a revenue generation apparatus,or worse,behaving like a trigger happy occupation force instead of the PEACE officers they are supposed to be.

We’re tired of seeing honest people run through the wringer for violating arbitrary laws while harming no one,yet honest to goodness criminals get a slap on the wrist and a swat on the behind.Or worse,”Paid Administrative Leave”.

We’re tired of having every aspect of our lives subject to some government agency or bureau that doesn’t care about what we want.Having to pay for it just rubs salt in the wound.Your obvious indifference to our pleas is absolutely infuriating.

We’re tired of you lying,cheating and robbing us blind because you can get away with it.

We’re tired of you betraying our trust.

We are tired of you telling us we have to beg permission to secure the means for our own self defense,or to bear the same as we please.

We are tired of being treated like children,being told we can’t be trusted with this or that,because it’s unsafe for us.We’re tired of having our choices taken from us “for our own good”.

Who are you to tell us we may not decide what is in our own best interest?

We are adults,we can make that decision for ourselves,thank you very much.

We do not seek to impose our will upon our fellow man.We find it immoral to offer violence to anyone,except to secure life or liberty.

Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.

Live and let live.

But dammit,you’re not leaving us alone to live our lives as we see fit,and that is what pisses us off more than anything.
You claim to know what is best for us,regardless of what WE want for ourselves.
When we want or need your help,we’ll ask for it.Until then,leave us be.

But you won’t.

You don’t care.So here’s a question:

If you don’t want a disturbance,when will you quit disturbing us?

Look in the mirror.You know the answer.

You won’t,because you just want to make it through to retirement to collect your pension,or you are just trying to do your job,or you are only following orders.

Or worse,you want to impose your will upon us.

None of those are acceptable answers.

I don’t have to point out the fact that the population at large is arming themselves at a blistering pace.Why do you think that is?

You know the answer.Look in the mirror.

You have earned our contempt.IN SPADES.Payment for services rendered.

The NDAA is just the latest in a long train of abuses and usurpations.I’m sure there are more coming.When the law is illegal,no one is under any obligation to obey it.

Quit pushing.Stand down.Deescalate.Back off.

But you won’t.All experience has shown that is not in you.Humility isn’t one of your strengths.Neither is honest introspection.You don’t seek resolution,you seek domination.

YOU are harrassing us.YOU have overstepped your delegated authority.YOU have violated your oath.YOU are trying to provoke a response.YOU are the real criminal.

“I was just following orders” has never been an acceptable defense.

You,individually,have a decision to make:

Treat us with respect,and we will respect you.
Behave honorably,and we will honor you.
Do the right thing,and we’ll do right by you.

Don’t,and we won’t.

The decision is yours alone.



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18 responses to “The Bottom Line

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  2. ghostsniper

    You,individually,have a decision to make:

    THAT is the most powerful word in the whole thing.
    At an *individual* level each person decides their own behavior and must be held accountable for it.

    “When people are held accountable for their behavior their behavior will become accountable.”
    –gs, 2012

    • That’s the thing.We’re all individuals possessing free will.You always have alternatives.They may suck,but you ALWAYS have a choice.

      • ghostsniper

        To be clear, my reference was to the gov’t thugs that harm people that were “just doing their job”, or “following procedure” or “policy”. Wrong is wrong and there is no excuse for people over the age of 10 to not know that. As far as I’m concerned if you harm someone you need to be held accountable and I’m not talking about the circus farce of today’s (in)justice system.

  3. Good stuff! Will be following.

  4. What you said. Thanks.

  5. Pickdog

    Great, just a great post!

  6. Excellent Post !

    Spot on the problems too.. too many have individual decisions to make, they should consider making the right one.

    Yank lll

  7. Pj

    Excellent! -Pj

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  9. This was good – VERY good – but left out the most important part, IMHO…

    Every one of them – EVERY ONE – took a solemn Oath to support and defend the Constitution, and EVERY ONE OF THEM HAS VIOLATED IT!

    All their other crimes are secondary – and pale in comparison – to THIS one!


  10. Lolo

    What a pleasure to read !

    A french guy in Paris (France)

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