It is apparent to me that there is a thirst for freedom among the individuals that frequent this sphere of the internet.

I wonder if we are all doing all we can to push the ball forward.

It seems to me that if we all committed ourselves to the cause of freedom as vehemently as the enemies of liberty do,we wouldn’t be in the position we are in.

I know my personal awakening occurred during the second term of Bush the younger.

It didn’t make sense to me that depite all the talk of freedom and small government,his actions were contrary to his words.

Kind of like our current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

We really are in a battle for our way of life,you know.We all must carry our own portion of the burden in order to pass on any semblance of freedom or liberty to posterity.

I realized I could only talk to so many people in my daily life and decided to try and find a larger audience.

I’m by no means a writer,but I can tell by the reaction to some of my posts that there is a thirst for freedom.I am humbled by the reception of my ideas.I appreciate you spending your time to read my scribblings.

I encourage everyone to make up their mind as to what really matters to themselves,and make it your own.Live it,breathe it,know it,but above all else,do something for your cause.Expecting someone else to defend your liberty is a fools assumption.Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you,and probably wants 30 bucks a year in membership dues(coughNRAcough).

Freedom is a participatory sport,and you can’t win sitting in the bleachers.

You have to get on the field.


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  1. “I wonder if we are all doing all we can to push the ball forward.”

    Valid question. I think we should drop kick it though…

    One possible way to move it forward, at low cost…