War drums

As was the case in Vietnam, and more recently the fraudulent casus belli against Iraq, the West is being led into another infinitely destructive war, jeopardizing the lives of millions, and further bankrupting already destitute nations reeling from 10 years of unending war. It is essential to raise awareness of US policy makers and their desire to provoke war with an unwilling adversary and the documented history the United States government has in manufacturing provocations when none can be goaded.

You may or may not agree with this story or this particular assessment of the situation.You may think this story is pure tinfoil hat stuff.

You cannot deny that orchestrating a false flag event is historically not out of bounds for this country.

USS Maine,Pearl Harbor,The Gulf of Tonkin incident,Oklahoma City Bombing,9-11,the Iraq wars,the Arab Spring,Operation Fast and Furious,etc.,all have serious unanswered questions surrounding them that make me think this story is absolutely credible.

After all,war is big business,and business sure has been good for the last fifty years.Can’t stop the gravy train,can we?

Before you write me off as crazy,ask yourself why all of these events happened when they happened,how they affected public opinion,what was the aftermath,and why doesn’t Portugal,Brazil,Mongolia,Canada,Nigeria or Sweden have such experience in their history…

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