Why you should homeschool

If you haven’t heard about this,this will make you sick to your stomach.

SOUTH LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KTLA) — An attorney representing a student at Miramonte Elementary School said Friday that accused teacher Mark Berndt recruited children from after-school programs and other teachers’ classes to take part in so-called “tasting games.”

In these games, children were photographed while blindfolded, with cockroaches on their faces and asked to taste a liquid that police now believe was Berndt’s semen.

Note how he was protected by his school administrators all the way.

He was allowed to resign,so he’ll keep his pension payments coming.

Tell me again how much they care about your children…

Justice,for the children,California style.

Story here.

And this,from the same school,but they’re not related.Uh huh…sure.


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