Anti-corrupt government extremists

I am an Anti-Corrupt-Government Extremist and any loyal American would be the same. I don’t know how deep the government is willing to go in its delusion, but many of the people who make this nation run have stirred from their slumber and have begun to question everything the government does at this point. They have watched the open and arrogant money-laundering scheme of the Obama Administration and are appalled by it, if even in their silence.

No sir, it is not the Anti-Government Extremists the FBI needs to worry about, it is the average citizen, who has witnessed tax dollars, THEIR dollars used to bail out banks and auto companies while the small businesses they were employed by have been thrown under the bus, taken to court, dismantled by heartless IRS agents, who have been on unemployment much longer than they would have liked, who have taken dead-end jobs just to try to save their homes from the same banks who received billions from their pockets that they should be afraid of. In any rational world the congressmen and senators and on up to the president would be sweating each day of their lives fearful of the repercussions of such outlandish and openly criminal actions they have taken over the past three years.

I couldn’t agree more.


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