Protect and serve…whom?


The paradigm of “innocent until proven guilty: has shifted to “guilty until proven innocent” and this is why the friendly Barney Fife Peace Officer with one bullet in his shirt pocket image has been replaced by military looking and military-equipped Enforcement officers who are increasingly acting like Storm Troopers and look like an occupying military force.
– We once taught our children that the Policeman was their friend, and to seek one out if they needed help or were in trouble. This is no longer the case. Who in their right mind would ask a Stasi or Gestapo agent for help?

Via Theo Spark.



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4 responses to “Protect and serve…whom?

  1. The Praetorian class protects and serves the ruling class.

    End. Full stop.

    Never mistake that.


  2. MammaJude

    Yes, and we were also taught to trust our school teachers and preists. None of that exists any more.