For Your Safety

“I can’t believe in 2012 the federal government is raiding Amish farmers at gunpoint all over a basic human right to eat natural food,” said one, who asked not to be named but who got weekly shipments of eggs, milk, honey and butter from Rainbow Acres. “In Maryland, they force taxpayers to pay for abortions, but God forbid we want the same milk our grandparents drank.”

The FDA, though, said the judge made the right call in halting Mr. Allgyer’s cross-border sales.

“Intrastate sale of raw milk is allowed in Pennsylvania, and Mr. Allgyer had previously received a warning letter advising him that interstate sale of raw milk for human consumption is illegal,” said Siobhan DeLancey, spokeswoman for the agency.

We’re from the government,and we’re here to help.YOU DO WANT TO BE HELPED,DON’T YOU?

That’s it,send in the heavy infantry with machine guns and armored personnel carriers to stop those evil,domestic terrorist,religious extremist Amish folk from selling organic,natural food to willing buyers.After all,they might have a loaded buggy whip under their overalls…

I sure hope they had air support on standby just in case…You can never be too sure that those Amish religious zealots don’t have an Abrams tank hid away in one of their barns…Could have gotten REAL ugly…

Somebody get the 101st on the horn!!!We got some unpasteurized milk here that’s going to take over the county!!!

Who do they think they are,anyway?FREE PEOPLE?

We can’t allow them to live their lives unmolested now can we?We must protect them from themselves.FOR THE CHILDREN…

And to think,they’re just getting started…

Read it and weep.


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