Justification for War


Each star on that map represents a US military base.Notice the position of Iraq and Afghanistan in relation to Iran,both of which we have invaded and waged war upon for over a decade.

I’m supposed to believe Iran is a threat to me,personally.Iranian leadership is by all accounts absolutely nuts.We are told they can’t be trusted with a nuclear weapon.


What about that guy?Yeah,he’s dead now,but he was as crazy as they come.His government shelled his South Korean neighbors,killing innocent civilians.His government was probably one of the worst human rights offenders on the planet.His government sought to acquire nuclear weapons and did so.Why did we not seek to impose our will on his country via military intervention?
Maybe they weren’t an economic threat?


What about him?Remember the plane that was blown up over Lockerbie Scotland?Or the disco that was bombed in Berlin in 1986,killing US servicemen and civilians?His fingerprints were all over both of them.

He was working on a nuclear program,but then reversed course amid international pressure.So why did we wage an illegal war against his nation that eventually led to Khaddafi meeting a tyrants just end?Many rumors persist,but I put most credence in the theory that he was looking to set up a gold backed dinar,thus seperating themselves from the US dollar as a unit of trade for oil.


What about this guy?Tyrant,murderer,madman.One of the few people to use chemical weapons against his own people.Also a US ally for decades.He started selling his oil in Euros in late 2000.Shortly thereafter,9-11 happened,putting us on the warpath for the foreseeable future.

What justification was put forth for the invasion of Iraq?Weapons of mass destruction,of course.Were any found?Nope.After a decade of having our military all over that country,we found nothing.Zero.Bupkis.Zilch.


Now we are hearing the same line of BS put forth by all sides about Iran.Weapons of mass destruction.Crazy terrorists.Religious zealots.

They may very well be.But that is their business.

If Israel is threatened by Iran,they’ll handle it.They always have,and God willing,they always will,but this isn’t our fight.

Unless of course you mean the fight for international reserve currency status of the US dollar…

That is about the most immoral justification for war I can imagine.

Wake up America.You are being lied to.Again.


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