Cultural Genocide

Throughout our lives we’ve been taught that western civilization is the highest degree of culture that man has attained.

Decended from the Greek philosophers and mathematicians,through the Roman architects and statesmen,our of the Dark Ages,and shaped by the Renaissance,we are supposedly the pinnacle of Western Civilization.

This nation founded during the Age of Reason,crafted on an ideal of ordered liberty,and failing to live up to our own standard from day one,has been,despite all our faults,a shining beacon of opportunity for the whole world.

Birthplace of the industrial revolution,mass production,the automobile,steam engines,airplanes,telephone,radio,television,nuclear power,men on the moon,the internet and many others I’m sure I forgot to mention.

Why then are we so eager to trade our birthright for false promises of safety and security?With rights come responsibilities,and to expect one without the other is a foolish delusion.

If western civilization is so noble and sophisticated a culture,why have we surrendered it for shiny trinkets and a few bowls of porridge?

On the flip side of the same coin,we are currently seeing the rebirth of the Islamic Caliphate,which we all thought had died with the Ottoman Empire.

Due to unchecked immigration from various Islamic nations,we will see,most likely in our lifetimes,an Islamic Europe.Complete with nuclear tipped ballistic missiles on nuclear powered submarines.London and Paris are not the cities of Churchill and Degaulle any more.

And we in America are on exactly the same road.

If Islam is such a backward 7th century throwback civilization,why then are they advancing on all fronts?

Why is it that the majority of our military excursions for the last twenty years have been for the benefit of Islamic peoples?
Kosovo?Afghanistan?Iraq?Two of the three are now Islamic republics.

My only explanation to these questions is that it is by design and INTENTIONAL.It strains credulity to think this just is an unintended consequence of multiculturalism,tolerance,and diversity.It seems to me that it is easier to believe that this was the goal from the start.

Cultural genocide in the name of global equality.


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