The Question Of The Hour


For all our disdain of politics, for all our anger at Obama, for all our fear of encroaching bureaucracy, what would it take for us, personally, to rebel?

That is, what would cause us to go on strike from work? Or what would cause us not to pay our taxes? Or what would cause us to sit, Gandhi-style in front of a politician’s office?

I’m asking you to ask us, “What is your line in the sand?” We talk about being prepared with guns and ammo or staples. But what is the thing that might happen that would cause us to actually stand up and say, “NO!” rather than just prepare for chaos, uninvited and unchallenged?

What is that turning point from being angry to being rebellious? And what would we do?

That is the question of the hour,is it not?
I suggest you read it all,as there is much more to it than just that.

Time for some serious introspection,if you haven’t done so already.

These are the good ol’ days…

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