Integrity,Honesty,Honor and the Lack Thereof

It saddens me more than I can express to have to post this publicly,but this must be said.

A man that I once looked up to,and is partially responsible for setting me on the path I am on,has shown himself to be completely self-serving and self-obsessed.

It is my duty to speak up in this matter,and believe me,I take no pleasure in it.

I have to agree with Arctic Patriot when he says:

I will say that it is crystal clear that Mike Vanderboegh is promoting divisiveness, and has betrayed the trust of all involved in the private conversation for no reason other than his public self-advancement.  Divisiveness for truth and principle is one thing.  That is not what this is about.  This is about trying to show the world that “I’m right”, and betraying nine people, nine community members, including myself, in the process.

Mike,you have betrayed the trust of those you claim to lead.

Mike,you have once again published private communications for your own personal benefit.

Mike,you are once again being intentionally divisive to further your own agenda.

Mike,you have selectively edited chains of communication to paint yourself in the best of light,to craft your own personal narrative.

Mike,you have once again dodged direct,specific questions.

Where is the leadership in that?Where is your ideological purity in regards to your own honesty?

Where is your integrity?Where is your intellectual honesty?

Where is your honor?

You owe all the involved parties an apology.Publicly.

Until that day comes,and I doubt it will,I will no longer visit Sipsey Street or link to or reference any of your work.

You have done a great many things in the past,and I applaud you for it,but on this matter,you are clearly in the wrong.


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3 responses to “Integrity,Honesty,Honor and the Lack Thereof

  1. Sad to say, but AP is 100% correct as usual.

  2. Regt

    I hate to see the whole thing happening, but I think AP s correct. Sam has showed admirable restraint, while Mike has not, and Sam certainly has the right to defend himself.

    It’s all going to boil down to leaderless resistance and/or local communities and local action, anyway.