I missed this,as I tend to read writing that is more….Intellectually honest,to put it kindly.

On the other hand,you would have to be historically naive to dismiss the import of the dehumanization of those you disagree with politically.

Surely the ovens are being warmed up as we speak…

Dangerous time we’re living in folks.

How about some music for the mood?


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One response to “Ominous…

  1. RegT

    Cretins like this would wet their pants if they had to say it to your face – unless they were in a large mob with the rest of their union or OWS rump-ranging buddies.

    I agree that the depth of his disapproval indicates someone who might actually stab you in the back if he had a chance, though. What a sick POS.
    He is a poster child for Kerodin’s belief that, when the ruckus starts, we will need to harden our hearts and take out the trash.