Visions And Tomorrows:Directions

Higher allegiances; higher sentiments. These are the keys to constructing anything resembling a united front against encroaching tyranny. How we’re to marshal them, I can’t say; that we must, I can, and have.

It must begin at the individual level:
Individuals must build local associations, specifically for resisting intrusions and exactions upon them.
Those local associations must affiliate with distant associations of similar orientation.
Associations concerned with particular infringements of Americans’ rights must ally with one another, in recognition that “when you violate the rights of one man, you have violated the rights of all, and a public of rightless creatures is doomed to destruction.” (Ayn Rand)
The alliances must resolve to stand together against attempts to pry them apart with offers to member groups of subsidies, subventions, special privileges, or compromises on “their” issues.
Freedom and Constitutionally limited government must at all times be the end in view.

In all probability, such efforts will fail with older persons wrapped up in themselves, or sunk in despair, or married to the status quo. But younger Americans who still harbor hope for the future and retain some spark of idealism are open to broad and compelling ideas. We should concentrate on reaching them.

It would have been easier before the anti-Christian tides that have swept over the nation in recent decades. Then, an appeal to Christian conscience — “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” — would have lent great force to the effort. But the impulse to be seen and thought of as a good person, which connects intimately to Christ’s decree that we love one another as each of us loves himself, is still strong in the American breast. It’s there to be tapped and drawn forward.

A thought provoking follow-up to an equally inquisitive original.

Both are well worth the time.



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4 responses to “Visions And Tomorrows:Directions

  1. Reg T

    “Older persons, wrapped up in themselves”? I look at the “99%” and I don’t see a lot of older persons, my friend. I see a lot of younger persons who were deprived of an education as to what their rights are and what they aren’t. No “right” to a free education, a high-paying job, free healthcare, free housing, free transportation, or any of the other “rights” they have dreamed up for the collective they have been taught is preferable over liberty.

    I think you might be about 180 degrees out here. Most of the folks I know who are actively trying to wake America up are us older folks who have lived in a time when there still was some liberty. We know what we are missing, and that the young have been taught to disparage.

    It isn’t the fault of the young, but they – for the most part – truly don’t know what they are missing. That has been withheld from them, or they have been taught it is merely the values of the old, “bitter clingers”.

    • I think you may be missing the broader point the author was trying to make.How many retirees do you see willing to take a reduction in their Socialist Security payments?
      I believe he was saying that if we expect Team Freedom to grow and gain traction,we MUST strive to enlighten the youth.
      Otherwise we are merely sowing seeds in barren soil.

  2. Reg T

    I think – as I stated – a lot of us “older folks” are doing just that. Trying to enlighten, awaken youth who have been deprived of the truth. Anyone who needs to create another division for us – between older people and younger people – needs to back off and simply talk about enlightening those who haven’t yet gotten the Word.

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