Two Years Away

The issue for me is simply this: I don’t want to re-write the Constitution, or go to war with the powers that be, or move to another country, or take a county in Wyoming and make it ours and push out from there. I don’t want to do anything. I want to work, make money, send my kids to college and die on my father’s place. Between now and then I would like to walk the ground my Great Grandfather’s Great Grandfather walked in Kentucky.

It doesn’t seem like so much to ask for, unless you expect the freedom that will allow all of that.

Here are a few more things I don’t want to do: I don’t want to harness my daughter to a government loan that will enslave her to do as they say with that education; I don’t want to use their light bulbs, or buy their cars, or worship Gaia instead of God, or submit to Fourth Amendment violations to fly in a plane, ride a train, or even get on the interstate. (by THEY, I mean Government Extremists)

The trouble is we are about two years away from stopping at TSA checkpoints on the interstate on ramp and showing our papers, explaining where we are going and why we want to go there. Perhaps they might want to separate us from our children and ask these questions separately…you know, just to keep us all safe.

What a bleak future…

Before you say “It’ll never happen”,ask yourself how many things that you thought would “never happen”,are happening,right now.

Right.Same here.

TL has more to say on the matter.




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