Four Important Articles

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We’re not in Kansas anymore,Toto.
And they’re just getting started…



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2 responses to “Four Important Articles

  1. Reg T

    The Fabius Maximus web site is more of a self-congratulatory circle-jerk than a blog worthy of following. Though they occasionally post material of interest – such as this story of a cop illegally hospitalized in a psych ward because his chief didn’t like his whistle-blowing, and the story about Virginia refusing to follow through on the release of prisoners who should be cleared due to DNA evidence which was improperly handled – often the site devolves into ridiculous ramblings about why Israel is existing on land “stolen” from the so-called “Palestinians”, or why Bush, Cheney, and other Republican politicians are so much worse than Obama, who is merely misguided, except when he continues to support the killing of muslims in the Middle East.

    Fred Reed has written some clever pieces, but he is another anti-American writer who lives as an ex-pat in Mexico and can find nothing good to say about our country. That’s fine, at least he had the integrity to leave it since he doesn’t like it, but that doesn’t invest his writing with any more wisdom or truth.

    I certainly would never suggest that this web site be shut down, but I will certainly suggest you are wasting your time reading it, if you believe in American exceptionalism, if you love your country – even if you don’t like what the government is doing to it. The Bushes weren’t my favorites, being big R Republicans, elitists who supported the Patriot Act and other travesties, but to suggest that Obama is better (as they do) save for a few cases where they don’t like the killing he is in favor of, marks them as cretins, too.

    • One of the wonderful things about America is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion,and to see the world as they see fit.
      It is up to each individual to educate themselves and separate the chaff from the wheat.
      You know what they say about opinions and assholes…