My Sentiments,Exactly

Found this little tidbit of gunny goodness over at Tam’s Place,and it made me laugh…

Unlike Professor Tolkien’s character, I do love the bright sword for its sharpness and the arrow for its swiftness, and I am not ashamed of it one damned bit. I’m sorry that you have been bullied by the society around you into thinking that owning weapons is some slightly shameful necessity, to be borne only until the lion lies down by the lamb and we can beat our swords into plowshares in the sweet by-and-by, but I’ve got news for you: Your heaven is not mine. If I can’t take my pistol, I don’t want to go.

And my rifle,and my shotgun…Because I want to shoot 3 gun with Jeff Cooper(PBUH) and Chesty Puller in the great hereafter.Heavy metal class,of course…


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