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At some point, if you really want to be free, you need to just get on with being free. If you wait for the world to free you, well, let’s face the fact that neither you nor I will likely live that long.

Don’t just dream about freedom. Don’t just wish the world were free, and for god’s sake don’t spend your days and nights railing helplessly about all the ways your freedom has been stolen. Be free. Go out and DO freedom.

Does that mean breaking the occasional rule? Oh, hell yes. That’s the fun of it. Ride your motorcycle without a helmet. Pour copious amounts of salt on your non-FDA-approved hamburger. Buy your kid a Happy Meal. Carry a gun without a permit. Hell, build a house without a permit. Braid somebody’s hair without a license. Get your favorite rifle a barrel with a bayonet lug. Blow something (not yourself or innocent others) up. Do it just because it annoys people. Or it would, if they knew about it. It’s not necessary to tell them.

It’s the only life you’re ever going to have, so have more fun! Who ever said life has to be a life sentence?

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