Anti-Authoritarianism Starts Within

Americans used to understand that when any single individual’s rights are trampled on, then everyone’s rights are trampled upon. Perhaps not immediately – but always inevitably. The Gadsden Flag – Don’t Tread on Me – used to be the appropriate symbol of that rapidly receding America. The new flag – which might read Tread on Me (and Let Me Tread on Others) is the flag of the new America.

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It is well past time to get re-acquainted with Individual Liberty.


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2 responses to “Anti-Authoritarianism Starts Within

  1. I would agree with ome comment at the bottom: When you are forced to pay into SSI for thirty or so years and add up the money in its value at the time of taxation accounting for inflation, the collection of said money is hardly an entitlement.

    • SSI should be rightly understood as the largest ponzi scheme ever invented.The fact that it is enforced at gunpoint makes that ponzi scheme grand larceny writ large.I know I will never see a dime of that money stolen from me,yet I still am forced at gunpoint to fund this lie called SSI.
      Entitlement,that’s an interesting term…